Ripple 24/7 Personal Safety Monitoring.


The Ripple button is extremely lightweight and tiny, so you can clip it to your keychain or comfortably wear it wherever you like. Rare false alarms are easily cancelable from within the Ripple app, and you can also give the all-clear to your Ripple Team when they call and text you to check in.



Introducing Ripple Support: 24/7 nationwide personal safety at the press of a button. Ripple is your own human monitoring team of security experts – a highly skilled team ready to get you help when you need it.

We all need help sometimes, but too often we don’t have the resources to get it quickly and discreetly. When you’re uncomfortable, click once and immediately receive a call from Ripple Support to get the comfort and peace of mind you desire. They know who and where you are, and have resources to immediately dispatch emergency services to you should you need it.

If you have an emergency and only moments to act, click your Ripple Button three or more times to alert your Ripple Team you are in an emergency. While you focus on the situation at hand, they will dispatch emergency resources directly to your location and relay all of your critical information to first responders so you don’t have to. In the companion Ripple smartphone app, you can choose which emergency response to receive (ambulance, or police), and you can pre-set medical information and custom instructions.

Simply pair your Ripple button with the Ripple app to build out your personal profile. Enter the critical information that you once had to verbally give emergency personnel over the phone, and customize how you want your Ripple Team to work for you.

Ripple Support’s $10/month professional monitoring is the most cost-effective solution in the mobile personal safety industry. Because we know you’ll love having 24/7 peace of mind, we’ll provide 1 free month of professional monitoring right out of the box. Additionally, because Ripple also texts friends and family your GPS alerts for free, you also have the option of a no-ongoing-cost, friends-and-family monitoring system with Ripple.

Ripple is about the size of a dime, is water resistant, and has up to 6 months of battery life. For our monthly subscribers, if your battery dies, we’ll replace your old Ripple device with a new one – free of charge.

To use Ripple, you must pair it with a smartphone running iOS 10.0 or later, or Android 6.0 or later on Bluetooth Smart devices. For customer service or questions, please email

Ripple isn’t simply a Bluetooth button; it’s a life-changing service.

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