LifeBEAM Vi Bluetooth Headphones with personalized audio workouts.


Vi gets to know you within the first 2hrs of running sessions together. As she got to know my running habits and trends, she became aware of my running paces, trends and capabilities. She managed to help me adjust my speed levels or suggest running types/modes based on AI that directly correlates to my PERSONAL running history. Vi is very personal, which is key for me..the more I run with her, the better she is able to coach me.

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Vi is an AI personal trainer that lives in biosensing earphones for Running, Treadmill, Walking, and Cycling. She will track your activity, constantly learn and coach you to real results – all delivered through beautiful sound powered by Harman Kardon. With features like heart rate monitoring, GPS, cadence and speed tracking, you can feel confident about your workout. Whether you’re trying to run your first 5K or striving to shave a minute off your best time, Vi adapts to your fitness level and personalizes a workout for you. Set your goal; Vi will make sure you get there. You will forget that she is an AI and immediately think of her as a true workout companion! She speaks beautifully and responds to your voice commands! Plus, Vi’s aerospace-grade biosensors means you’re getting more accurate measurements than many other wearable on the market today!

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