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Digital Modern Design Infant Tub 4moms


Traditional infant tubs hold water that quickly gets dirty and cold as you bathe your baby. We believed infant tubs would be better if they kept your baby clean and comfortable. That’s why we created the 4momsinfant tub. Its unique design provides a constant flow of clean water and the digital thermometer makes it easy to ensure the water temperature is safe and comfortable.


Ripple 24/7 Personal Safety Monitoring.


The Ripple button is extremely lightweight and tiny, so you can clip it to your keychain or comfortably wear it wherever you like. Rare false alarms are easily cancelable from within the Ripple app, and you can also give the all-clear to your Ripple Team when they call and text you to check in.


Soft comfortable and easy to clean Smart Changing Pad | Scale Hatch Baby Grow


Grow and companion Hatch Baby app help you to monitor your baby’s weight gain, growth progression, and more, all from the comfort of home. This second generation smart changing pad automatically records your child’s weight in easy-to-read charts, providing invaluable insights into your child’s feeding and sleep patterns. Grow offers the ability to seamlessly share data on weighings, feedings, and diaper changes with other caregivers, as well as compare growth percentiles with recent WHO data. The pad is made of soft, easy to clean wipeable foam that makes diaper changing easy for caregivers and comfortable for babies. Grow is an innovative tool that provides the parents peace of mind they need to successfully navigate those first few months.


Tile Mate Style Key Finder Best Gift For To Forgetful People

$34.99 $24.99

Use your smartphone to make your Tile Mate ring when it’s nearby, but out of sight. If your Tile Mate is within Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it.